Nexeven Sense

Nexeven Sense – our video analytics platform – empowers you to make accurate decisions for successful business growth. Get wider reach, better quality and lower cost.

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Cockpit – Dashboard

Make consistent decisions

Delivering great video services requires strong collaboration between marketing, Ops & IT, and product teams. Sense empowers each team with the information and answers they need to act quickly and accurately.

  • Marketing
  • Ops & IT
  • Product
  • How can I maximize my advertisement revenue across all mobile platforms?

    Check the advanced and intuitive reports to understand when the viewers leave and adjust monetization accordingly.

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  • What are the average startup time and buffering ratio for our premium viewers?

    Filter by viewer custom metadata, such as account type, to verify SLAs with your providers.

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  • Would adjusting the position of the player on our page improve viewer engagement?

    Use advanced filtering, custom metadata and segmentation features to understand how videos are watched.

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Cockpit – Retention

Make decisions faster, with confidence

Make smarter monetization and content acquisition decisions with Nexeven Sense. Learn which viewers, platforms, locations and assets drive the most revenue – on all devices.

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Cockpit – Session Details

Knowledge is power

Sense provides real-time quality metrics and analyzes video consumption patterns enabling you to answer key questions about performance and viewer experience.

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